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10 Ways to Fix Destiny

Bungie’s incredibly ambitious FPS/MMO Destiny has been out for 8 months now and has already seen the release of it’s first DLC, as well as a plethora of other updates and tweaks to address some issues players have been having. Sure the Cryptarch has been fixed, the loot cave taken away, weapons nerfed or made more powerful (ya’ know typical post release stuff) but there is still a wealth of things Bungie could do to make this game better.

I’ve read quite a few of these lists already, and I’ve largely tried to steer clear of some of the common things on the lists (example – RAID match making, better drop rates, etc.) Also, I’ve stayed away from problems presented in the DLC level cap raising to 32 – making previous Vault of Glass gear obsolete in the process.

without stalling any further:

Ten Ways to Fix Destiny

(the list is presented in no particular order)

1.Custom Loadouts:

You would think this would be a no brainer as essentially every competitive FPS has had some of a custom load out for years now, but Destiny doesn’t. Want to use a hand cannon, shotgun, missile launcher combo for a certain PvP match type in the crucible – cool, hope you select it beforehand. Sure you can switch out during the match – but you are only allowed to switch by going to your inventory screen – which A.) takes a few seconds, and B.) leaves you completely vulnerable. Sure, you can switch when you die, but it takes just long enough to be really off putting – and annoying.

Good luck remembering to switch all that stuff EVERYTIME.

Good luck remembering to switch all that stuff EVERYTIME.

Adding to this annoyance is the fact that many weapons have certain unlockables making them ideal for either single player or death match. Want the enhanced scope on your sniper rifle for the Daily or Weekly strikes – go for it. Want the scope with less zoom in multiplayer – need to switch it out manually.

Why can’t we have custom loadouts with all of this micro-management streamlined already? When you add in the fact that your Character has sub-classes which can be used specifically for certain play types – and again, need to be switched manually before or during a match, this seems like a no brainer? If I want a hunter with the blade dancer subclass, Scout rifle(with fast reload), Shotgun(with extra ammo), and Machine Gun(with added stability) it should take one button press – not 16.

2.Vehicle Buffs:

Having a custom ship in Destiny exists for one person – to look cool. Seriously, your ship serves no other purpose what-so-ever other than being a disappointment when it unlocks in an engram you were hoping to be something else.

Ignore the description - it doesn't mean anything

Ignore the description – it doesn’t mean anything

Here’s a great idea – allow vehicles to offer buffs to the character. Therefore they actually serve some form of purpose. The buff could range from something small like an ammo increase, or added shield, to something huge like an air strike ability, cloaking, or how bout the ability to temporarily disable the other teams ships? The possibilities are basically endless and it could add another tactical level for multiplayer.

3.Treat marks as currency or allow them to be stored:

If you want to buy gear from a Vendor in the game, many of them require you to have a certain currency. Glimmer, Crucible Marks, and Vanguard Marks are three of the currencies needed for the most basic vendors. While Glimmer is linked through all characters on your account – Vanguard and Crucible marks aren’t. These are acquired through grinding during the story missions or crucible matches and cannot be transferred to another character. Since most vendors only sell items specific to your class, once you’ve bought what you needed from a vendor there is literally nothing you can do with the marks. You cannot transfer them to another character, trade them for another currency, or buy a piece of gear for another character (again it’s all character specific) Your only real option is to join a faction to start gaining their marks instead – but if they don’t offer anything you need then you are shit out of luck.

4.Reward players for re-doing activities:

Destiny is a game about grinding and hoping for a the next piece of random loot to drop. It takes time and a great deal of luck. Some pieces of Legendary Gear, you know the kind needed to reach the level cap, can only be gained through completing the Raid. Oh, and you only have the ability to earn it once a week. Wait, What? Yes – ONCE A WEEK. Finished the Vault of Glass or Crota’s End with your buddies but only got a shard or a stupid shader, want to jump back in for a chance of a better reward? Better wait until the next gaming week starts or you won’t win shit.

Sounds dumb right? It is. Not only does tying the very materials needed to level up to an arbitrary timing mechanic make me not want to play the game what-so-ever, it also makes me not want to help my friends at all as well. Oh what’s the Jon, you need me to commit a few hours to the Vault of Glass so you can beat it? Sorry buddy, tough shit – I already beat it and going through it again is literally a waste of time.

Add some reward for replaying this shit please. Seriously, what are you thinking Bungie? Positive Reinforcement is Psyche 101 stuff. Give me something for doing a task and I’ll keep doing it. Give me nothing and I’ve got a whole bunch of other games waiting to be played.

5.Easier Character Swap:

In the Crucible with a team full of Titans thinking how much your Warlock would really help out the team? Well the only way to switch is to basically log out of the game and log back in with another character. Chances of getting back into the same game are basically impossible, unless a friend invites you. Even then, 3-5 minutes will likely pass before you join up again. I can only assume that this is linked to the whole Crucible/Vanguard Mark currency I was talking about earlier, but once again – the road blocks to swapping out characters seems arbitrary and needlessly complicated. This game is basically founded on the idea that you will need to have one of each character class in order to maximize the grind (obtaining strange coins, etc.) because everything can only be done X amount of times per week. ALLOW US TO SWITCH CHARACTERS WITHOUT LOGGING OUT! PLEASE! It’s annoying enough when I have to do it, when 5 people in my party all need to do it I want to shoot myself in the head.

6.More Gear Please:

Exotic gear should feel exotic and rare. It doesn’t and isn’t. One reason is because a Vendor sells the shit, then next is because there are only 2 or 3 variations of each gear type. I was so excited to grab the Raspberry Armor from Xur for my Hunter. The chest piece looked awesome and rocked some pretty sweet weapon perks. Then my friend Jon commented “Oh you got the Raspberry armor, good choice.” and it completely killed it. How can something be exotic if everyone has it? When you tie this into the fact that your Light Level is dependent on which armor you have, and that the armor is obtained from grinding the raids, then almost every high level character is going to look similar or the same. Seriously, once I bought the raspberry armor it was like buying a new car. It felt like I had the only one but then it’s all I can see every where I look.

My guardian

My guardian

Please add some gear or give them more variation. Some flames or some sparks or something. Make it feel rare and exotic. I want my guardian to be unique dammit.

7.Vendor/Vanguard levels should cross-account:

Why oh why do I need to grind vendor levels with every effing character. It’s infuriating. When you add all of the ridiculous restrictions on grinding – only 100 points per week in some instances, this just seems incredibly dumb. It doesn’t give me a reason to want to keep levelling these things up. Honestly – what’s the point? So I sink a lot of time into a Hunter – get the Cryptarch nice and upgraded. Switch characters and…back….at zero. Hmmm. Okay eff this I’ll switch back – oh I’ve reached the maximum Crucible and Vanguard level this week. Okay…then. A game about grinding and earning things that has arbitrary limitations on how much I can grind and earn. That makes no sense. It’s an all you can eat buffet where you’re limited to one plate.

8.Re-assign weapon perks (weapon smithing):

I’ve mentioned a few things with regards to item variations (or lack thereof) but this is a small thing that Borderlands and Diablo do so well and Destiny doesn’t do at all – Weapon Perks. Inherently, each weapon seems to have some buffs that can be chosen based on PvE or PVP, but we need MORE! Add some different buffs, make them random, allow us to buy them or re-spec a weapon at the weapon smith

Remember me?

Remember me? ::Sigh:: No one visits anymore

Why are we all stuck with the same gear? Why? Allow me to make variations – allow me to change up the ammo type my gun uses, or increase my firing speed at the expense of my accuracy, or damage. Yes – again, weapons have some variation of this – HOWEVER, if a perk you want isn’t available on the weapon you’re using you are shit out of luck my friend.

9.Items to buff weapons:

This one could easily link into the one above, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Banshee – 44 (love you bro). Give us items to buff weapons. There – easy enough. If I’m doing a Strike against enemies that can only be damaged by certain types or ammo, and I don’t have a weapon that uses it, I’m effed. That simple. Here’s a simple and great idea. Let me but an item that can change my weapon type briefly, or add explosive shells, or something crazier. Hell, I’m okay with locking it for PvE so it doesn’t unbalance multiplayer – that’s cool with me. What isn’t cool is needing to grind hoping for a specific weapon drop just so I can kill a stupid ass enemy with a stupid ass armor type. Restrictions just for the sake of restricting things incredibly frustrating.

10. Crucible Incentive:

Create one. Case closed. Destiny was billed as a game that you could “play the way you want.” Do you like playing the Crucible? – Awesome – hope you don’t like reaching the level cap because you can’t get items with enough light from the Crucible. I couldn’t even get a fire-team to go into the Crucible with me because the incentives for playing through the Weekly and Daily missions was far better than the random shit that MIGHT drop in the Crucible. If you get an item, it’s random. Doesn’t matter how well you do, or if your team wins, I got a purple engram for finishing in dead last. It was so funny that I wasn’t even embarrassed ( I was actually, and still am) Wouldn’t it be cool if you could become a beast in the Crucible and still get amazing gear? Hell wouldn’t it be awesome even if the only way you could reach level-cap through the Crucible was to, I don’t – know I’m just spit-balling here, BE GOOD AT THE CRUCIBLE?

Destiny is a game I WANT TO LOVE. The gameplay is almost perfect, the setting is interesting, the characters…um look cool at least. Holy hell though, Destiny’s freedom is offered while chained to a wall. Sometimes the chain seems really long but it always restricts you at some point.

A lot of these things seem like easy fixes or no-brainers to me. Agree, Disagree, or have some ideas of your own – leave ’em in the comments.