Fallout 4 Available November 2015

Fallout 4 Available November 2015

Bethesda kicked things of with a bang this year, starting E3 by debuting the next iteration of Doom as well as Dishonored 2. Everyone was in the room for one game however, Fallout 4, and it didn’t disappoint.

The game, does in fact start off before the bombs fall. You create your character dynamically, without sliders, can choose a man or woman, and the appearance of your child changes depending on your choices.

character create

You do, in fact, make it into a vault – but awaken 200 years later as the only survivor in a world that has moved on. One can assume you will be spending some time looking for your loved one and child.

While character models retain all of the hallmarks of Bethesda character models, which mainly indicates that they are not very good looking. The game world looks absolutely stunning. Post war Boston is going to look amazing.



dog commands

One of the stand out features displayed is the ability to build and fully customize your workshop, and later a city which will see other survivors and vendors move in. This appears to be all very dynamic. You place things where you want. There aren’t any predestined zones for turrets or whatever. Defenses are important because raiders will attack your settlements. Yes settlements, meaning more than one. There will be other areas where you can build and you can even run Brahman Caravans between them – very cool. The building/crafting extends to the weapons as well – with over a thousand different items and 50 base weapons, you can create some pretty fantastic things. Also, you can build the iron man suit of your dreams by customizing your own battle armor – the gameplay video went on to show some third person combat in a suit of power armor that was was using rocket boosters to jump off roof tops. In addition to some other air-based gameplay via the chaingun on a vertibird, Fallout looks to be taking to the skies a little more then in the past.

weapon create

Also revealed during the conference is a real PipBoy which can actually house an iPhone and will run an iPhone app as a second screen. The PipBoy is available with the collectors edition of the game and while it looks realistic, how it functions in reality (or how comfortable it is) is yet to be determined. Many times, items like this tend to look pretty cheap once you get your hands on them so we will have to wait and see. Of course, the second screen app can still be downloaded and used without the PipBoy.


Another unexpected reveal, was an iPad game called Fallout Shelter, which puts you in the role of a vault Overseer in control of a vault. It looks like a cross between the base building of XCom, with a bit of the Sims mixed in. Oh and its available most likely by the time your reading this – as it is being made available after the presentation.

fallout shelter

On the combat front, VATS makes a glorious return. For the first time, a Bethesda game looks like playing in third person is actually a feasible action, and the game can be played as a straight-up FPS. Each mode looks amazing and of course, VATS stole the show. Something very special about turning someone’s brain to mush by launching a teddy bear at it.

Closing out the show on a high note, Fallout 4 was confirmed for release this year, in November.

The wait is almost over.