Fallout 4 - The Wait is Nearly Over

Fallout 4 – The Wait is Nearly Over

We are now officially 5 days away from the end of my social life – Fallout 4 launches in just 5 days and Bethesda has released a launch trailer to make the wait just a bit more excruciating.

Besides dropping some story background and showing off some excellent combat, the one thing that stands out to me is how fantastic the environments look. The lighting and atmospheric effects look great. Wind, rain, fog, thunder and flashes of lightning…it’s all in the trailer and it looks, and sounds, fantastic.





I admit, watching the trailer on my cell phone earlier today made me skeptical, and a little deflated, of the overall look of Fallout 4. The character models in general seemed very sub-par in my opinion. Thankfully, watching on my pc, in 1080p, eased many of those fears. The characters don’t look as good as the Witcher 3, or the cinematics of Halo 4, but they are a giant step up from previous Bethesda games and Fallout in general.

The “Synths” seem to be the focus on this installment. They are regarded negatively in the trailer, but the world of Fallout tends to be more gray than black and white. Chances are the story will evolve into something more – as the story of Fallout usually starts out simple and grows. This isn’t a first for the Synths either, the side quest “The Replicated Man” was about a synth being hunted by it’s creator. The synth, a security guard named Harkness, was a member of an organization tasked with hunting down escaped synths. He began to sympathize with the synths he was sent to hunt down, and defected – having his face altered and memory wiped to hide from the Institute – the organization which created the synths. The quest, in retrospect, does a great job of acting like a semi-prequel to the setting and story of Fallout 4.


With Halo 4, Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3, Star Wars Battlefront, Black Ops 3, and many other games I’m definitely forgetting – we won’t have a lack of things to play this year. I’m definitely clearing my schedule for Fallout 4 – bring on the wasteland again.